Summer Course 2020

Spend your awesome summer holidays in Russia

Whether you are a teenager or an adult, want to gain some exciting language learning experience and dive into exploring Russian culture, then our “Russian + English” summer course could be just what you are looking for.


Dates: 05.07.20 – 02.08.20

Course length: 2-4 weeks

Russian + English course: learning materials are included

Age group: teens (12 -17 years) adults (over 18)

Accommodation: Hotel / Homestay

Board: HB / FB for teens

Leisure program: Entry fees included

RUS + ENG Course

RUS + ENG Course

The course is a combination of Russian and English classes, which are run from Monday to Saturday. The course is aimed at those students who want to take up or master Russian language and improve their English as well.

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RUS + ENG Course


We have a number of accommodation options available to our students. They can choose either a Homestay or a Hotel accommodation, depending on their needs and preferences. Accommodation can be arranged on a full or half-board basis.

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RUS + ENG Course

Leisure Program

Vibrant leisure program is a great advantage of the course. The students will explore the Russian culture within and outside the city.

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Course Price

2 weeks1650 EUR
3 weeks2275 EUR
4 weeks2900 EUR
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