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International House Voronezh-Linguist invites everybody to enjoy the warmth of the Russian culture and to go through exciting language learning experience in Voronezh!

  • About the language:

BREAKING NEWS: according to a survey carried out by British researchers, Russian language has been proved to be beneficial for your self-development in particular and career growth in general!!! What’s more, the complexity of Russian grammar, its pronunciation and constantly shifting stress keep the brain stretched and flexible. That’s funny to know that many of the Cyrillic characters in comparison to the Latin ones look backwards or upside down and are seemingly switched around. What looks like a "р" is really the equivalent of a Latin "r". What looks like a "в" is really the equivalent of a Latin "v" and what looks like an "н" is really the equivalent of a Latin "n". Finally, Russian language is one of the five most spoken languages in the world and it doesn’t stop gaining its popularity. So, when it comes to learning Russian there are lots of benefits you may gain. Open the world of Russian, open the new part of yourself!

  • About the city:

Located about 500 km south of Moscow, Voronezh represents a typical Russian city with 400 years of history where the past and the present intertwine in aesthetic harmony. The city is particularly popular for its tranquil and peaceful lifestyle which substantially differs from hectic bright lights but sets a perfect example of Russian authentic culture. Embarking on the Russian adventure in Voronezh one definitely won’t find themselves bored as the city tends to be a big industrial and cultural centre of the country with a number of major festivals and fairs. Come to Voronezh and find out more!

  • About the school:

There is no better place to learn Russian than in International House Voronezh-Linguist. The school is well equipped with state-of-art facilities for studying and socialising from early in the morning until late at night. It provides the numerous students with a comfortable environment to study, work and relax. The school prides itself in highly efficient and well-grounded teaching staff. IH Voronezh-Linguist teachers stick to the highest standards in language education and constantly upgrade their professional skills by participating in numerous educational workshops, fairs and conferences to keep up with the modern teaching methodologies and techniques.

Located in a walking distance from the city centre the school enables its students to combine Russian language course with out-of-door activities. Studying in IH Voronezh-Linguist is nothing but a real pleasure.

  • About the course:

“Explore Russia through the language immersion” is a shot-term course which perfectly combines the language learning with the culture exploration.

The course involves:
  • 15 hours of Russian tuition per week
  • Hotel or homestay accommodation
  • Return airport transfer services
  • Placement test, Study Materials, End of Course Certificate
  • Free Wi-Fi throughout the school
  • Leisure time activities
  • Trip to Moscow

Apart from tuition the course has an absolutely fascinating programme of leisure activities to let the students get the most from their adventure:

  • Break the ice, get to know each other and dance to Russian songs of all the time at the welcoming party.
  • Dive into cooking traditional Russian dishes, which will make your mouth water at the culinary evening.
  • Create your own amateur performance based on the most popular Russian stereotypes at the Drama evening.
  • Find out more about Russian humour and traditions while watching one of the traditional Russian comedies at the cinema evening.
  • Have a picnic in one of the most fantastic places and immerse in the atmosphere of Russian fairy-tales and bylinas.
  • Explore the history and the culture of the country embarking on a sightseeing tour.
  • Visit the very heart of the country - Moscow!

Get around to exhilarating Russian language experience in IH Voronezh-Linguist and make a valuable contribution to your self-development!

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