Professional development is one of our core values at IH Voronezh - Linguist. As part of International House, we strive to constantly challenge ourselves, sharing our experience and creative ideas with our colleagues from the IH family,  introducing new techniques and ensuring we implement the network's best practices. We are always eager to share our experience and to help our colleagues - both current and potential - grow and develop, too. Our teacher training centre offers a variety of courses - both part-time and intensive, face-to-face and blended. Here you can take a number of international examinations, acquiring reputable certificates.

All of our courses are very practical and very sensitive to your particular teaching context. We also pay particular attention to team building and group dynamics during the course, as we want to ensure your experience is enjoyable as well as useful. We are certain it will be a very worthwhile experience for you and we do our very best to guarantee this for you.

If you need help and/or consultation, please write to us at tt@ihvorornezh.com, and we would be happy to create your own tailor-made professional development action plan.

TKT - Teaching Knowledge Test

The basic theoretical course of communicative language teaching will give you the necessary background knowledge of ELT, familiarize you with terminology and give you the tools necessary to continue self-study in the area. It is wonderful as the first step in the profession and/or introduction to practical courses, such as CELTA or IHC.

Preparation courseyes
International certificate (TKT - the 5 modules can be taken together or


International examyes
Teaching practiceno
English level requiredB2
Offsite courseyes
Offsite examyes

The TKT Course

There are 3 core test modules - Module one focuses on language and background to language learning and teaching, Module two - on Lesson planning and the use of resources for language teaching and Module three - on Managing the teaching and learning process.

The course helps you prepare for all three core modules, also giving you a lot of extra information, ideas and materials to explore. It includes official sample tests and a Cambridge pre-testing experience, building your confidence in teaching and providing a solid platform to build your further professional development on.

Course length - 36 hours

Part-time course: January-April

The classes take place on Sunday (2-5 academic hours)

Intensive course June and/or August

The classes take place every day except the weekend (4-6 academic hours)


CLIL - Content Language Integrated Learning is a method of teaching other fields of knowledge through the means of English. Getting to know this method can significantly expand any teacher's methodological toolkit. It will, however, be especially useful for those teaching other subjects in English and for Young Learner teachers, whose work presupposes developing their learners' cognitive skills and helping them learn about the world through English.


Working with young learners, very young learners and teenagers is a special sphere in teaching, which presupposes specific skills and very detailed knowledge and understanding of the target groups. It has been growing in popularity with many ex-adults-only teachers turning to younger learners. The TKT YL course will help you gain confidence in working with children and teens, expanding your professional horizon.

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